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SEO: The Difference Between The Pretenders and The Experts

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If you or your business has a website right now, the fact is that you absolutely must have high-quality SEO services done if you want to legitimately compete with other businesses in your niche. There are no two ways about it, in today’s fast-paced, technology-based world, consumers are looking online for products and services before making a buying decision, and if your website is not one of the first options they see when searching, they simply are not finding you. I think we can agree that having a great website is extremely important and something that should be carefully planned and executed. But the fact remains that you can have the absolute best looking and even best-converting websites in your niche, but if you are not getting the targeted visitors who are actually looking for your products and services to come to your site, then your business is not living up to its potential and quite frankly will not last in this day and age.

So I think it’s fair to say that we’ve established a bonafide need for having SEO done to your website. Even if you’ve had the best web design services when you built your site, chances are, you atill need expert level SEO. Now the question is, where do you go to ensure you are going to be getting the best results? The first thing that most business owners do when looking for SEO services is to shop around for the best price. This is probably the absolute worst thing you could ever do when it comes to search engine optimization. Not only will you most likely be throwing money away and not get any results, but people pretending to know about SEO and charging companies nominal fees actually get websites into trouble and even completely kicked off of the search engines. This is not something you can afford if you are trying to catch up and surpass your competitors.

SEO is one of those things where you actually get what you pay for. If you want to cut corners and nickel and dime your way through this, you are not going to get the results your competition is getting because I can guarantee that if they are ranked high in the search engines they are paying for expert SEO services. Just think about it logically, anyone performing SEO services is not doing it for free. They are doing it for profit. Anyone that offers a service is trying to make money off of it. I think that’s something we can agree on.

And let me be the first to tell you that SEO does cost money to the supplier of the service. Whether they are outsourcing some of the work or using man-hours (time is money too!) it costs money to perform SEO on a website. That’s not even counting the hard costs of getting the job done. Now most SEOs worth their salt don’t use spammy automated tools, but every successful search engine optimization professional that I know spends a lot of money on tools that help with their job, whether it be rank tracking software, backlink checking software, and other memberships that cost money to be a part of that is essential to perform their job. And most top-level SEOs spend a great deal of money to ensure their services are the best that can be found.

So we have established that everyone who is supplying SEO as a service is doing it for some kind of profit. We have also established that the actual task of SEO costs the provider a great deal of money as well. So when you sit back and look at it, do you really think it is even remotely possible for you to get high-quality SEO service for $500 per month? Let me just be up-front with you right now and tell you that that doesn’t even come close to covering my hard costs per client per month. So while it may sound like a great and that you are getting an amazing deal, the reality of the situation is that you are hiring someone who will lose out to better SEOs every single time. Let alone someone who may be using things that will just get your website in trouble and kicked off the search engines altogether.

So while it is of utmost importance to have your website seen by your target audience that is looking for you online on a daily basis, hiring a cheap, cut-rate SEO to do your search engine optimization is not the way to go. If you want to keep up with, and hopefully surpass your competition, you need to go with an established, expert-level SEO who will get the job done right the first time. It will cost you much much more in the long run if you go the cheap route and have to hire someone to do a penalty recovery on your site.

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What To Look Out For When Hiring An SEO

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SEO is one of the best investments you can make for your business. There is no substitute for being the first option your prospective client sees whenever they look up what your company offers. That is exactly what good search engine optimization services provide. The thing is, everyone and their brother thinks they know how to rank websites these days. There are so many people that claim to be able to rank a site higher in the search engines but in reality, they will do more harm than good to your website. In fact, trusting the wrong person with the SEO of your site could penalize your site to the point where it won’t show up on the search engines at all, let alone ranking on the first page.

This is what qualifies me to speak from a level of expertise on SEO:

Rochester SEO RankingsSo how do you know which SEO service provider to trust? This article will serve as a guide to help you decipher between the SEO experts that you want to work on your rankings from the kids sitting in their mother’s basement pretending to have the necessary skill because they watched a couple of videos on YouTube and thinks that qualifies them to collect money to rank websites in the search engines. So let’s get into it.

Cookie Cutter SEO Prices

Look, we understand that you want to shop around for a better price when having SEO done to your website. The thing is, when it comes to search engine optimization services, you get what you pay for. As harsh as this sounds, if you are looking to pinch pennies, then you are in for a very rude awakening. There is no way that quality SEO services can be done for $500 per month. That doesn’t even come close to covering the hard costs that a good SEO has to rank a single website each month, let alone them make any money. If you get someone that is charging you that amount of money per month, then there are one of three things going on.

  1. The first is that they are a newbie and don’t know what they are doing, so you should run away and never look back.
  2. The second is that they don’t plan on doing any real SEO work and just plan on doing menial tasks that don’t cost any money at all and they will pocket your monthly payment for a few months all the while telling you that “SEO takes time and you have to give it a few months.”
  3. The third option is that they are using automated, spammy tools to build incredibly bad backlinks that used to work 5 years ago but will do nothing but get your site penalized now.

So now that you have those three options…what do you choose? Would you rather pony up and actually pay for results or choose one of those three options?

Fake SEO Testimonials

This is one of my favorites. It really cracks me up when SEO sites have testimonials on their website from Mike S. or Mary T. or whatever other names you want to pick out of a hat without a company or brand attached to it. One of the oldest tricks in the book is to throw a bunch of great looking testimonials on your website with stellar results to make yourself look better than you actually are. The average business owner looking for SEO services wouldn’t think twice about these being fabricated, so it usually works. So how do you decipher which testimonials are fake and which are real?

  1. Look for company or brand names that are attached to the testimonials. It would be extremely silly for an SEO to put testimonials from a company on their site if they never worked with the company at all. So if there is a brand attached to the testimonial, it is probably legit.
  2. See if the SEO has testimonials on their Linkedin profile. These cannot be faked. They are from real business owners. If there are more than a couple of good testimonials on Linkedin, chances are, the SEO is legit.

Expert SEO Knowledge

You want to make sure that the person you trust to rank your website knows what he or she is doing. Taking a $47 course on the internet does not qualify a person to rank a website. Believe me, the level of knowledge it takes to be a good SEO and actually rank sites at will is worth a whole helluva lot more than $47, so there is no course out there to teach the expert level SEO techniques.

Another mistake is looking for college grads and people with all sorts of degrees. Your marketing degree means absolutely nothing in the world of SEO. I have personally worked in several agencies and every single college student that has come in with some Business or Marketing degree and thought they knew what they were doing has been like a deer in headlights when it came to ranking a website with the big boys. And some of them had multiple Master’s degrees. The fact is that this kind of knowledge is not taught in colleges. It can’t be. It changes every month. So if your SEO is not staying on top of everything that is going on in the world of SEO, if they don’t eat, sleep, and breathe SEO, then they are not going to be able to rank your site ahead of your competition who is using one of these SEO gurus.

Your Web Designer Can Not Do SEO

I don’t care how pretty your website is or how great your web developer is, they can’t rank websites. I don’t know how many times I have heard business owners say that they will just have their web development team rank their site for them. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Web developers develop websites. They do not rank them. Period. They do not know how. To be honest, 9 out of 10 of them actually hinder the ranking process when they develop the website to begin with.

So in closing, if you are truly serious about ranking your website ahead of your competition, you have to find a good SEO. The unfortunate truth is that most SEOs are not good. And if your competition has an SEO expert on their side, and you go with a cheap monthly rate to save a few bucks, you are just going to waste that money and watch your competition get that much further ahead of you and make it even more expensive for a real SEO to catch up to them in the future. So do your homework. Find an expert. And get real SEO services that yield results and watch your business take off like a rocket ship!


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When it comes to Rochester SEO there are many agencies and marketers that claim to be the best, but before you choose which Rochester search engine optimization provider that you want to trust with the marketing of your website, it’s important to do a little homework first. You need to find out who you should have work on your marketing future and whether or not they would be an asset to you and your business.

Client Application

SEO, or search engine optimization, is defined as “the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results” (Business Directory Definition). SEO is one of the most important elements of a business marketing plan and is imperative in today’s digital age where everything is expected to be readily available to consumers at all times. With the prevalence of mobile devices nowadays, consumers want information immediately and your business better be in a position to provide them with that information if you want to compete in today’s cutthroat marketplace. If your business does not establish itself as one of the top choices when it comes to your products or services, you will be left in the distant past while the competition gleefully blurs by you into the future with their updated marketing efforts.

SEO is the premium form of advertising for any business looking to establish itself as the best in their field. There is no other form of advertising that will literally place your business in front of a potential customer at the exact time they are actively looking for whatever it is that your business offers. Think about it, how valuable would it be to be able to have your business pop up into a potential customer’s head anytime they thought about your service? That is essentially what ranking at the top of Google does for you! They are looking up information on what you offer and your business appears in front of their eyes. It’s a beautiful thing! This is actually seen as “ranking” in more than one way. You have the literal rankings of the sites on the search engine results page, but it is also seen as ranking in the sense of the higher up a website is on the first page, the more favorably they are looked upon. This is apparent in the CTR, or click through rate, of the first page of Google. This diagram clearly shows that the higher a website is positioned on Google, the more it is clicked. And the numbers are pretty substantial when you actually see them like this.


This is the reason why there so many marketing firms trying to establish that they can deliver expert results when it comes to ranking a website. But there are very few SEO Rochester agencies that can actually follow through on these bold claims. Ranking a website is not as easy as it used to be, but due to the level of importance that is placed on rankings, there are a lot of marketers that are taking advantage of the demand and accepting clients that they will never be able to get results for.

Another reason why SEO is so beneficial is that it puts your business where consumers are looking for information. Autorevo reported that 9 out of 10 consumers use search engines for purchasing decisions and 7 out of 10 business level purchase decisions begin on a search engine. If you combine this with the image of the number of clicks based on search engine position you will clearly see why your business must be ranked at the top of the search engines when people look for what it is that you offer. But the catch here is getting there, right? It’s not easy to rank your website. Google has to give their users the best results possible. So it relies on several factors to determine how to provide those results to their users. If you don’t have someone who is a bonafide Rochester NY SEO expert, your website will not reach its potential. And that money will be going to someone else. The money is always there. It’s just a matter of who is going to do what it takes to go get it.

SEO StatsThe truth is, if you really want to separate yourself from your competitors there is no better place than on Google. If your website is ahead of your competition when vying for the same potential customer, that potential customer will automatically view you as being the better option and visit your website first. It’s human nature to view rankings as a list. The human eye automatically reads top to bottom, left to right. So, having your business at the top is going to benefit you immensely.

Just like anything, the best Rochester NY SEO services do come at a price. SEO is something that can literally change the face of a business so you can’t expect something like that to be cheap. Sure, there are some Rochester SEO providers that will offer you bottom dollar pricing, but is that what you want for the marketing of your business? Bottom dollar?

Client Application

SEO is one of those rare things where you actually do get what you pay for. If you pay for the cheapest, that is what you are logically going to get. There are some marketing firms that claim to offer SEO in Rochester NY that simply cannot rank a website at the fees they offer. It’s not possible. But the thing is the salespeople that are selling you the services don’t know that. They only know that they want to make the sale. So they make you empty promises that will never be fulfilled and pass you off to some account manager who doesn’t know real SEO but is trained to perform the same tactics on every client they get. If you really think that the same tactics will work on every website to rank them higher in the search engines you have another thing coming! But the allure of cheaper prices gets most business owners and tricks them into thinking they will get $5k results for $500 fees. It doesn’t happen. You won’t get there. And you’ll just be that much further behind when you finally realize it.

search engine optimization agencyThink of your website as a luxury sports car that is so expensive that you baby it and are afraid to even drive it in fear of having something happen to it. Now if that car needed some work done, are you taking it to your local corner shop and having just anyone work under the hood? Or are you bringing it to a specialist who is experienced in working on that specific type of vehicle? Even if it’s more expensive, you want the expert, right? You don’t want to take a chance with going the cheap route. It’s the same thing with your website! Your web presence is the single most important thing you can utilize to market your business and you do not want just anyone under the hood of your business. You need an expert.

craig tuttle marketing business cardYou need to be wary of anything that looks like too good of a deal when it comes to search engine optimization in Rochester. Sales is not the same thing as SEO and the last thing you want is to get sold on a company that can’t really provide anything more than things you can learn for free in an afternoon researching SEO on YouTube. That is the level of service you get when you go with the lower priced options. The fact of the matter is that most Rochester SEO companies are very good at selling. Not so good at the fulfillment part and getting real tangible results for a company’s website. Honestly, if the price is the main factor for you to decide which Rochester SEO agency you want to work on your website you would be better off saving your money and doing SEO yourself. You will most likely be in a similar place a year from now in the rankings as you would if you go with a cheaper option, but you would have saved yourself some money in the process.

Listen, I can confidently say that we are the best SEO in Rochester. We are an actual asset to your business, not an expense to it. What I mean by that is that we will actually bring your business money, not lose money on advertising that just doesn’t work. You don’t get dating advice from the terminally single, money advice from the terminally broke, or fitness advice from the morbidly obese. And you don’t get SEO from someone who is not a true expert in the field. Your business simply will not survive the future unless you have someone guide you into it who knows what they are doing and what the future looks like.

When you hire someone to work for your company, do you hire the person who asked for the lowest salary or the person that is best qualified and most likely to have a positive impact on your business? It’s the same thing when looking for a Rochester search engine optimization company. If you think hiring an expert is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur!

We rank #1 for the hardest keywords to rank for on the internet. The most competitive. Above everyone else who says they can rank you for your keywords. I apprenticed under the most successful SEO in the country and that’s where I learned how to separate myself and my clients from any competition. I have the best SEOs in the world on speed dial. I am part of a large group of SEOs that share information and testing results. We know about updates before they’re announced. We know what’s going to work in the future while everyone else is working on tactics that are no longer relevant. We are not competitors we’re more like a team. So I have way more assets to help me rank my clients than any single company could ever have. I have worked FOR my competition in Rochester and now I outrank them. I have surpassed them to the point where they have hired me to rank their clients for them when they can’t do it themselves. So ask yourself…who would you want working on the future of your business?

Client Application

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rochester seo agency

Toddler Video Transcript

What is SEO anyway?
Thank you for asking that little one.
Wow, such a cute little girl.
Anyway, so I think there’s this big disconnect with SEO and people not really seeing the
value that it brings to their business.
But you know the stats are out there, they’re not hard to find.
For example…
and… and what about…
and don’t forget… this was kind of hard to ignore!
But just think about yourself.
How do you find information on businesses?
On my phone!
You know what that’s typical.
You know I think it’s like 75% of all searches are done on a mobile device now.
And there’s a little known fact that Google is actually starting to use their mobile
algorithm exclusively to rank sites.
Not just on mobile devices but on desktops as well.
So what that means is that if you don’t have a mobile-friendly site
it’s really going to start affecting your rankings moving forward.
It’s just too much money!
You know what I hear that a lot and I’m glad you brought that up!
Like I said before, there’s a bit of a disconnect with the value of SEO and
really what it can do for a business.
But what we can agree on is that advertising for your business is important, right?
Well, yeah!
Great, well why do you think it’s important?
To reach more people!
That’s correct, but most advertising really is
Meaning you’re hoping that the right person is exposed to your ad at
the exact right time.
Just for example, where do you advertise?
In the Yellow Pages!
Seriously most people don’t even know what that is anymore.
Remember earlier you told me that you look for information on your phone
Well where on your phone do you look for that information?
On Google, duh!
Cute girl!
Exactly, 98% of all consumers use some kind of search engine
to find information on the business.
So you can be crushing the other 2% that people aren’t going for, using those techniques
that you’re using, but imagine what your business would look like if you
were crushing it on the search engines.
Where 98% of all the consumers are.
Where people are actually looking for what it is that you offer.
See with SEO you can put your business, your brand,
your products in front of the people who are actively searching for it at the
time they’re actively searching for it.
And you’re assured of that.
It’s pretty cool, huh?
And on top of that it’s ahead of all of your competitors who are
offering the same type of thing.
It’s still too much money!
What is my ROI?
Okay okay okay let’s try this another way.
You agree that it’s important to advertise, right?
And you agree that putting your business or products in
front of people who are actively searching for them at that time would be
beneficial, right?
Well, yeah!
So obviously we know that SEO is important but let me ask you
this, how much is just one new customer worth to you?
What about five?
Or ten?
Or twenty?
You see with good SEO it’s impossible for you NOT to get results.
It’s really just a matter of how many results you want?
I mean, how many more customers can you handle, right?
The other guy will do it cheaper!
All right!
Well I’m sure you can find other SEO “experts” who promise to do the
job cheaper, but really, your website is not something you want just anyone
working on.
I mean, if you had something seriously wrong and, heaven forbid, you
had to have some major surgery, you’re not going to be shopping for price are
Well no!
But this is the same thing!
Your website and where it ranks in the search engines is the single most important
thing for your business in today’s marketplace.
And it’s only getting more and more important with
You can’t trust just anyone with the future of your business.
And you are the expert?
Well yes, humbly of course!
Look we’ve ranked sites all over the world and we have plenty of testimonials to back
it up, if you’re interested.
But you know what, I’d love to actually show you what
we can do for your business.
How are you going to do that?
Just get in touch with us today and we’ll show you!
Get in touch with us today!
Okay, let me get this out of your nose.
Is that a new chair?
No it’s an old one.
I like it.
Thank you!
Yes okay well yeah well I have to say oh that’s
for the lighting you like the lighting okay good job thank you okay I think
we’re done yeah is that a wrap yes that’s a wreck

SEO Pricing Video Transript

Listen…we need to have a talk. We need to have a serious conversation (huh) about
SEO pricing. Are you ready for this? Okay folks, let’s talk about it, let’s break it down here okay?
Let’s just be honest with each other, if you’re in the market for SEO services
one of the first things you’re going to look at is price. I understand I get it.
But do you really want to be going window shopping when we’re talking about
your website? I know I don’t. And I get it all things being equal and all SEO
providers provided the same type of service the only thing left to go is
pricing, right? Who has the better price? But let me be the first to tell you, if
you don’t already know, not all SEOs are equal. Not all of them
can do what they say they can do. And actually, the fact is that most of them
can’t. So, that’s what you got to keep in mind when you’re looking at pricing. You
know the fact of the matter is you get exactly what you pay for when it comes
to SEO. (huh) The way I look at it is like having a freaking Ferrari or a
Lamborghini or something really cool that you might like that I’m not that
into but it’s really cool and expensive. Anyway that’s like what your website is
right, that’s your baby, that’s your that’s the that’s the thing that needs the
most care and the most tender touch, right? You’re not going to take your Ferrari or
Lamborghini, or whatever it is that you’re using, over to the corner shop to
some guy that’s just going to clunk around under the hood, right? You’re going
to take it to an actual expert. Somebody that knows what they’re doing. Somebody
that knows the way to navigate around under the hood and do all that needs
to be done to make your machine optimate(?) at its finest. You don’t want to give it
to some yutz down the road that’s just gonna clink around hopefully he
gets it right and then gonna give you your website back and it’s going to be
all garbage and then you’re going to swear off SEOs and think they all
suck and
I’m sorry I’m back now. Just went on a little rant there, had to cut it short. But seriously,
a website is no different than that. You get a lot of empty promises from some of
these Yahoo’s. But if you want tangible results that actually alter your
business you have to leave your website in the hands of the experts. Not the
clunk down the road. So here’s the thing cookie cutter prices do not work for SEO
unless…unless you’re looking for cookie cutter services. Now I don’t know about
you, but I don’t want the same thing done to my website that was done to somebody
else’s. Now it takes a ton more work to rank a website in a niche like a lawyer
or doctor or dentist or something like that, where there is a ton of SEO competition, then it
does to the local flower shop that’s getting SEO services done. That’s going
to be a lot easier but if they’re both saying, paying the same price, does that
make sense whatsoever? It’s like you going to the doctor and paying the same
for brain surgery as it is to get a sliver removed from your finger. Actually
it’s not really much like that at all, but you get the point.
I guess what I’m saying is one size does not fit all when it comes to SEO,
especially. Because no two sites are the same, right? No two websites are in the
same situation. They’re not in the same location. They don’t have the same
competition. They’re not in the same niche. How can they have the same prices?
It doesn’t make sense, right? You with me so far? Let’s keep going. The thing is there has
to have, be research done, right? You need to know what keywords you’re going to go
after, what keywords are going to give you the biggest ROI, return on your
investment, right? What is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck and
have people coming to your business, or calling your business, or buying your
products, or talking to… but then the competition for those keywords has to be
analyzed. The SEO expert should want to know exactly what they’re getting into
before they give you a price. You know the last thing that I want to do is give
you a little tiny price, say “yes I’m gonna jump on with him and he’s gonna
rank me at the top” and then I know that I can’t get it done for that price but
I’m going to keep you around for three or four months knowing you’re just going
to kick me to the curb and get pissed at me, but I had you for
three or four months anyway so it doesn’t really matter. On to the next one,
right? That’s not how I work but that’s how a lot of these other ones work so be
careful of those guys! (evil laugh) Plus, what’s the strength of your current site? Is it new?
Is it current? Does it need to be updated? Is it mobile friendly? Are you
ranking in Google Maps? Do you want to be ranked in Google Maps? Obviously! Is your
site have power? Is it trusted? Does it have authority? Is anyone linking to it?
Anyone talking about? Do you have social signals going to it? All that stuff has
to be under consideration. And if it doesn’t have any of those things or it
needs a little bit more or needs some more of this, more attention, more anything, how
much is that going to cost me in time and money? That’s what I want to know,
before I give you any kind of dollars and cents.
5-4-3-2-1 Go. Now, putting a price up there prior to knowing this information
is not only disrespectful to the client, but it’s downright irresponsible! And it
should not be tolerated. You see, to be honest, I don’t want to
give a price quote until I’ve properly researched everything. Analyzed the site.
Analyzed the competition. Analyzed the client themselves. And then I will know
whether I want to work with them, whether it’ll be a good fit. Look I’m not gonna
be doing SEO on some porn site, right? That’s not what I’m about. And the other thing is
I don’t want to charge a fee where I know I’m not going to be able to get the
job done…but I know I’m going to be able to get the client. Does that make sense? See
a lot of these big agencies, let me let you in on a little bit of a secret here,
a lot of these big agencies they got big buildings and a bunch of cubicles like a
cube farm going around and they have a bunch of salespeople and then they have
middle management and upper management that CEO blah blah blah all those people
that’s great great great companies, right? Now let me let you in on a little secret,
the person you’re talking to…they don’t know SEO. They don’t know how to rank a
website. They probably wouldn’t even know what a back-end of a website looks like
if you smacked them in the face with it. But what they do know is how to sell you
and then they’re going to pass your website on to somebody else, probably
just out of school, that doesn’t really know
that what they’re doing is not real SEO, reading off a list and doing checklists,
it’s not real SEO, it’s not going to get anything done. It’s not going to move the
needle for any business. But they’re so naive, they’re so excited to be in a
marketing agency, they’re like “yeah, this is cool!” They don’t care, they’re just
doing their work and thinking they’re making a difference for this business.
Really, when all they’re doing is the bare minimum that doesn’t cost anything
so they can have more clients and the salespeople can keep bringing them in
and they can keep bringing them into these account managers or whatever they
want to call them. And it’s just a vicious cycle like that. Meanwhile the client is
locked in from a year, at least, on a minimum contract. And there’s nowhere
they can go, they’re not moving anywhere in the search engines but they’re
getting what they said they were going to get from the contract because they
didn’t know what they were signing up for. They didn’t know they weren’t gonna get
ranked higher, do anything like that. They were just going to get these backlinks
that were supposed to do some something for them, but the salesman was so slick,
they told them all they wanted to hear just to get them on. And that’s, it’s just
a vicious cycle. Then the year comes up, they didn’t go anywhere in their website,
their business hasn’t improved. Nothing’s happened. Now they’re pissed at SEO. They
think SEO doesn’t work and all SEOs are scumbags. When the fact is they just
shouldn’t have gone with that business in the first place. Well had to come up
for air now. I think that’s one of the biggest problems in the SEO industry.
There’s too many people out there that just want to get the deal, right? They
want the client. They’ll do anything. They’ll say anything. They’ll do whatever
it takes just to get the client on board and worry about it later. Or pass it off
to the account managers. They’ll just worry about it, “I just need to make the
sale,” when they know they’re not going to be able to make it happen. Or maybe they
don’t know because they don’t know SEO to begin with. So what they do is
they lowball the price get you in and just plan on telling the client that “SEO
takes time” and keep them around for four or five or six months until they really
get pissed. And they just basically milk it for as long as they can or they have you
on contract, then you’re really screwed. The fact is that the goal of most SEO
providers is to keep you a round.
Seriously. They want to keep you a client as long as possible. The goal is not to
rank you number one. Once you’re number one, why do you need them anymore, right?
So they want to keep you going as long as possible. They want to bring you from
page 7 to page 6. “Yeah we’re making improvement, awesome! Just stick another
month and maybe we’ll go up a couple more pages!” Really? Really? I mean, come on! Look
I’m gonna be honest I don’t keep clients longer than a year. It doesn’t take that
long for me to rank a client. But there’s really no reason to keep you on longer
than that. I mean maybe if you move down in the rankings a little bit and you
need a refresh or something like that. Then that’s something else. Or if you
want different keywords and we can do that, you know, in the next campaign.
Or something maybe along those lines. But working on the same keywords for over a
year, either you suck at SEO or you’re trying to screw somebody and shame on
you! So thank you very much for allowing me to vent and get this frustration out
a little bit and, you know, it was very therapeutic for me and I hope it was a
little bit informative for you. And you got to understand a little bit more
about SEO pricing and what you’re getting yourselves into. And you know
maybe I was able to show you that not all SEOs are scumbags! (huh) I hope I’m not!
But anyway, seriously get in touch with me if you’d
like me to analyze your site before giving you any kind of pricing. Analyze
the competition, the keywords…all that good stuff that we talked about in the
video. And I would be more than happy to do so for you and if it works out, great!
Either way I hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll talk to you soon bye. Hopefully we
got one good take in there. The rest of them are on the outtake reel! This is fun!
5-4-3-2-1 Go! Hi there. I want to talk to you about SEO pricing. Hello
I’m here to talk to you today about some pricing and your search engine
optimization strategy. We got to talk about SEO pricing. I feel like I don’t
even know you anymore. We need to have a little discussion,
okay, and it’s about SEO pricing. There are a lot of myths out there, okay, and I
don’t like them. I don’t appreciate them.
Hi I’m Craig and I want to talk about SEO pricing. Hi I’m Craig and I want to
talk about SEO pricing. Hi I’m Craig, I enjoy long walks on the beach and
talking about SEO pricing. Look I think it’s time that we get serious. I think
we’ve gone through this long enough. We’ve put this on the back burner and
not addressed it fully. And it is starting to tear us apart. What I’m
talking about is SEO pricing. Are you ready to talk about it? Let’s go. Hey how
much do you get charged for your SEO? Probably shit, right? And that’s the
service you’re gonna get! Oh my god I can’t talk about SEO pricing any more it
makes me want to pull out my hair that I don’t even have! mmm SEO pricing. Let’s
talk about it, huh? Oh man! One of my favorite subjects in the world!
it’s SEO pricing, let’s go! hmm SEO
pricing. SEO pricing makes me wanna pull my freaking hair out.
If I had any. That’s kind of funny. Let’s go. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re about
to make this video on SEO pricing. I can’t wait! Can you?
Let’s do this! hmmmm I want to talk to you about SEO pricing. Would you please join
me for this video. Thank you!

SEO for Business – Why Now?

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Video Transcript

hey guys what’s going on it’s Craig and
in today’s video I want to talk a little
bit about why you want to employ SEO in
your marketing right now. So a lot of
times I’ll talk to people and they’ll say well
I’ll do this in a couple months. I’ll do
come at me, uh, come talk to me in six months
or a year from now. We’ll see where we’re
at. And that’s all well and good if
that’s what you want to do but you are
literally letting things slide for that
timeframe. You know SEO doesn’t happen
overnight, right? It’s not something that
you can employ and then tomorrow you’re
gonna be ranking. That that would be
something like PPC where you you do…
you pay as you go. And as soon as you
stop paying you’re not you’re not going
to get the results anymore, so. But SEO
you pay and you’re gonna get the results
in like three, four, maybe six months,
depending on the competition, but you’re
going to stay there long after, you know,
the campaign is over. So when people say
why now? Why they have to do it now?
Well, you want to get it going on the
strategy now so you can start to rank as
soon as possible.
You want your business in front of the
people that are looking for you as soon
as it possibly can. And then you want it
there for a long time after, right? So if
we wait another year, that’s going to be
another year, and then plus the six
months it’s going to take to actually rank
your website and who knows where your
website is going to be at that point. How
far behind the eight ball you’re going
to be.
Meanwhile, this whole time, you’re letting
all of the people that are doing those
searches for what it is that you provide,
they’re going to your competition. So
that we’ve already talked about in a
previous video that there are hundreds
and a lot of time a lot of cases
thousands of people searching every
single month for what it is that you
offer, specifically. Now right now, they’re,
if they’re not finding your website,
they’re going to continue to not
find your website and go to somebody
else. So if you want to continue to let
these people go to your competition and
see your competition first, then by all
wait. But that’s why you really need to
employ SEO as soon as possible and get
it going in your marketing strategy.
The sooner you do this, the sooner you’re
going to start to see the results. So
that’s really my answer as to why now?
You can wait, if that’s something you
want to do. But the longer you wait, the
longer you’re going to let your
competition have those people and be the
first one that those people see
when they do those searches every single
month. And again, I invite you to look for
what it is that you offer. Look for your
services online. Look for whatever
product you offer. Search for it online.
And if you’re not the first one that you
see, then there’s something wrong and you
need to address that! And the other thing,
too, is when you do these searches, do it
in Google Chrome, on an incognito
window, so you’re not cookied. Because a
lot of times people will tell me “Oh I’m
number one.” When they’re really not
number one that just cookied because
they’re using a browser that they’re
logged in on. So, do an incognito window
in Google Chrome and see if you’re
ranked number one. If you’re not ranked
number one, there’s something wrong and
you really need to address that. And
that’s why you need to do it…yesterday!
Pretty much, so, that’s why SEO is very
important and um, you know, I do consider
myself an expert, an SEO expert and I’m
able to rank sites a lot quicker than
most. And that’s why I don’t keep clients
for life. I actually keep them for a short
amount of time.
Most often six to eight months
because I’m able to get results in that
time frame. So, you know, I know the
urgency. I know that you’ve been giving
your, the potential clients and
customers to your competition for long
enough and you don’t want that to happen
anymore, so you need to get going on this
right now! So that’s pretty much all I
wanted to talk about in today’s video. I
wanted to tell you that, you know, you
really need, this is why you really need to
get on this right now and not wait. It’s
not something you can afford to to let
go for any longer. So, that’s it for this
video and I hope to talk to you soon.
Take care. Bye

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SEO for Business: Why Change?

SEO for Business – Are You Losing Out?

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Video Transcript

Hey whats going on this is Craig. And I just wanted to talk real quick today about one of the things that I get asked most often when talking to business owners and that is “why do I actually need SEO or any different kind of marketing for my business?”

You know the fact of the matter is that many people don’t really understand what SEO is let alone the benefits of it.

But if you are not employing any kind of SEO strategy into your marketing you’re literally throwing money away.

The fact of the matter is the way that you market your business is literally going to decide whether your business flourishes and is one of the ones that makes it or is one of the many many businesses that dies every year.

See gone are the days when you can put your ad in a phone book. I mean, who uses phone books anymore? This is what we use. We use these guys. Everything is digital now. You can’t…phone books don’t matter. You know, a billboard, that’s great, you can have your face plastered on a billboard but how do you know that the people that are actually looking for your services are actually going to see that billboard? You don’t. You’re just playing a numbers game there.

Same thing with TV advertising. Or radio ads. TV especially, I mean, who watches the commercials anymore? We all DVR our shows or watch Netflix or Hulu or, ya know, something like that, Amazon Prime. And so we don’t have to watch these commercials. So you’re spending money on all these TV ads that people are just, ya know, fast-forwarding through and not watching.

So ya know, the way that you market your business is changing. And if you’re not changing with the technology, then you’re gonna fall by the wayside.

So technology is evolving at a rapid pace, right? And so is advertising. You can’t rely on those things that we just talked about. They’re just not working as well as they used to be.

But that doesn’t mean that the consumers still aren’t looking for you. But where are they looking for you, right? Where are they going to be able to find your business? Well the one place that they look is on their phone, on the computer, it’s all digital now, right? So what do I mean by that? When people actually search for a product or service they search on the internet.

So if you can put your business right in front of the people while they’re searching for what you offer, that’s like a no-brainer, right? That’s like having people…guaranteed people are driving by your billboard that are looking for your services, right?

So then, ya know, I get a lot of business owners saying “well people don’t really search for me.”

Well how do you know that? There are literally hundreds of searches performed every single month for local businesses. Ya know, if you’re a lawyer in a specific area, people are searching for you. Thousands of people are searching for lawyers every single month. Dentists, same thing. Plumbers. Roofers. Contractors. Anything. Anything you can think of, people are searching.

And they’re not only searching for, uh, for the services, they’re actually going to do some research on you. Even if they decide that they want to go with your company. They get recommended by a friend or something like that. They’re going to do their research. They’re going to look up any reviews you might have. And where are your reviews going to be? They’re going to be online.

Ya know. That’s the way that people do business nowadays and the way consumers think. They are going to research things online. So if you don’t have an online presence, you are definitely, definitely not taking advantage. And you are throwing money away.

Now when I say that there are thousands of….hundreds and thousands of people that are searching for the services that you provide every single month…that’s true. And where are they going, right? If you don’t have an online presence, if they’re not going to you, they’re going to someone else. They’re going to your competition.

So just do yourself a favor…right now. Just go look on Google. Type in your service in your area and see who pops up. If it’s not you, if you’re not the number one person then you are literally giving that opportunity to your competition.

So that’s what I’m talking about. That’s the best way that I can answer that question is “why change?” Why change your marketing and why get into any kind of SEO or digital marketing strategy? It’s because you really have to have this strategy in your business if you want to keep up with all the other businesses in the area.

Basically the more time your business is not showing up first for whenever potential customers or consumers search for what it is that you offer, you are literally handing that money to your competition.

And, ya know, I know this is not a popular stance. I know that there’s kind of like this “status quo bias” where the brain literally is hardwired against change. Ya know, people hav a naturalt aversion to change. We’re used to associating a high level of risk with any type of change. Especially when it comes to marketing or spending money.

But I think it’s fair to say that if you don’t adapt, if you don’t change, with the technology that’s going on, you’re not going to survive. If you don’t adapt you don’t survive.

And the very best thing you can do for your business is to put it in front of potential customers or potential consumer of your product at the exact time they are looking for what it is that you offer.

So that’s pretty much my answer when it comes to “why change and why have digital marketing in your advertising budget”.

So if you’re not doing that right now, I invite you to click the link below and I would love to talk to you more about how we can employ this into your business and how we can make you number one and take advantage of all of the people that really are looking for whatever it is that you offer.

So, thank you very much for watching and I’ll talk to you soon. Take care. Bye.

Why Change to SEO?

Why Your Marketing Desperately Needs a Change
One of the questions I get asked most often when talking to business owners about SEO for their business is why do they need it? The fact of the matter is that many people don’t understand what SEO really is, let alone the benefits of it. But if you are not employing any SEO into your marketing strategy, you are literally throwing money away.

The fact of the matter is that the way you market your business is the most important factor in deciding whether you actually stay in business or you become one of the majority of businesses that close their doors every year. If you are not adapting to the ever-changing landscape of how business is done, to how consumers find products and services, and to how technology is guiding the majority of the purchasing decision nowadays, then your business does not have very long to survive. Outdated marketing methods that used to work even a year ago are now extinct. Think about how many businesses advertised in the phone book even a couple of years ago. Now no one looks at phone books anymore. Businesses used to scratch and claw over commercial time on TV. Now everyone is either watching their shows on Netflix or Hulu or they have them on DVR so they can fast-forward through the messaging that these companies are paying millions of dollars for.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. The game is changing. And so is advertising. You can’t rely on billboards, radio ads, TV commercials, mailing coupons. These things are just not as effective as they used to be. That doesn’t mean that people aren’t still consuming products. In fact, according to an article on Forbes ( [Holiday Spending To Exceed $1 Trillion — And 11 Other Surprising Data Points Of Christmas]( ), holiday spending exceeded $1 Trillion in 2016. That is up about 4% from a year ago. So people are actually spending more now than they were before.

So if we know people are still spending money, how do we ensure that they spend it on your business? The key is to be where your consumer is looking. And there in only one place that is growing with each advancement in technology.

The internet.

And I don’t just mean that you need a website. If your company doesn’t have any kind of online presence and you are still in business then I commend you for making it this long but at the same time I feel sorry for the slow agonizing death your business is enduring. A website is not enough. People have to see it. You have to be present. Your consumers are looking online every single day for whatever it is that you provide. Hundreds of people search the internet every day for your services. If you don’t believe me just search for the services you provide in your area on Google. But please don’t get pissed when you see your competitor show up first.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your company come on TV whenever someone thought about who provides your services in your area? Or your brand would flash up on a billboard whenever someone was driving by wondering who offered the best (INSERT YOUR SERVICE HERE) in your hometown? Well that’s exactly what ranking your website in the search engines is. And if you’re not doing it, you are handing money to your competition.

The fact is that there are going to be searches done every single month for the exact product or service that you provide, exactly where you provide it. Those people that are doing those searches are not doing it for fun. They are actively searching because they have a desire or need that they want fulfilled. Now whoever shows up when those people perform those searches have a damn good chance of being the ones that get to fulfill those desires or needs for these people.

And the more time your business spends NOT being the one that shows up FIRST whenever your services are sought out, the more money you are handing to your competitors.

I know this is not a popular stance. I understand that. People have a natural aversion to change. The brain is literally hardwired to associate a very high degree of risk with any kind of change. But if you don’t adapt. If you don’t change. If you’re not the one that shows up when people are looking for your services or products. Your business will not survive. That is why your marketing desperately needs a change. And the very best thing you can do for your business is put it in front of potential customers that are literally looking for your services at the time they are looking for them.

Rochester SEO Expert

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SEO Update – Reputation Management September 2016

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Reputation management is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of SEO. It usually involves removing a bad review that is on the first page of Google and knocking it down to the second page or lower. That is hard enough in itself for a seasoned SEO but now Google has gone and updated things again. The first thing that a potential customer does when coming across your business is do some research before making a buying decision. So no matter what kind of advertising you have whether it’s a billboard, a catchy jingle on the radio, a clever local TV commercial, or even if the potential customer sees your brand someplace else (truck, yard sign, or driving by your location), the first thing they’re going to do is go home and do some research before deciding to give you their business. This update kind of upped the ante a little bit and you’ll see why in a second.

As you can see from the video, Google has decided to take reviews from across the web and include them whenever anyone does research on your business. So now not only do you have to be wary of bad reviews popping up onto the first page of Google when someone researches your business, you also have to be aware of the amount of reviews you get, the quality of the reviews you’re getting, and what is being listed when somebody searches your company or business. So even if you had bogus bad reviews on Yelp or let’s say a Ripoff Report made about you and it was made by someone that never even was a customer of yours, it’s not going to be good enough anymore to just get that review moved to page 2. Reputation management is so much more now with this new update!

But what can you really do about it?

Well any good SEO is going to know how to get reviews. And not only from one source on the web but multiple sources.  They should be able to get you rel reviews from real people and even have them geo-located from your town to improve the look of your listing. Now these listings are for both desktop and mobile searches. But they stick out like a sore thumb when someone is searching with a mobile device. You can see in the video that I showed you in the emulator that before the organic listing for the company even shows up you get to see the reviews from across the web. Now the fact of the matter is if you have crappy reviews from the web, that person may not even get to your organic listing and click on your website. So it’s probably important this day and age to make sure you get reviews from multiple sources and multiple outlets.

If you are looking for someone to clean up your reputation online or to get you solid reviews from multiple sources then you have come to the right place! Now due to the success that we have generated for our clients and the amount of referrals coming in from those clients we literally have to pick and choose who we work with at this time. So even though we are not working with every single potential client that speaks with us, we can definitely look at your website, your listing, and your overall online reputation and give you some advice and pointers whether we work together or not.  In order for us to do that, all you have to do is go to the Discovery Form on this  site and fill it out. It only takes about two minutes but it will give us all of the information that we would need to know in order to give you a thorough analysis on not only your website but on your reputation as well. This is an update from Google that looks like it’s going to stay and it’s something that you have to take very seriously. You’re going to want somebody has the experience and know-how taking care of your online reputation so that you don’t lose any potential customers. Like I said in the video this is not about your rankings or moving up in the search engines. What is is going to do is have a significant impact on your conversions. Basically, you want to put your best foot forward so that whenever anyone searches for your business online they get wowed with incredible reviews from multiple sources that they cannot deny.

So get in touch with us today and we will take a look for you!

Click Here To Go To The Discovery Form!

The Top 5 Reasons SEO Has Not Worked For Your Website

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SEO is one of the very best investments any business owner can make for his or her business. Not only for the obvious monetary benefits that come with having your website ranked first in the search engines when potential customers search for what your business offers, but it also brands you as the absolute authority in your niche. Having your website come up before all others immediately makes that potential customer look at your business as the number one go to for whatever they just searched for.

This all sounds great, right?

But we know all that.

I’m not here to try to sell you on SEO. If you don’t know how beneficial SEO is for your business by now, well to be honest…your competition is thanking you.

I’m here today to break down why SEO has not worked for you in the past. All these benefits that I listed above would be amazing, right? But for some reason or another, it just hasn’t worked that way for you. And the last thing you want to hear is another SEO guru pitch you on how great having your website ranked first can be when no one has been able to pull it off in the past.

SEO - No Traffic

“SEO is a crock. It doesn’t really work. These are just people saying that they can rank my site to get me to pay them every month. They can’t actually do it.”


Let me be the first to tell you with absolute certainty that SEO is real and ranking websites is possible. If you know what you’re doing.

Here are the top 5 reasons that SEO has not worked for you in the past.

  1. You Are Doing SEO Yourself

I’m sure you are a very capable and intelligent person. You are a business owner, and you didn’t get where you are at by being the dullest knife in the drawer. But the fact is that SEO is not something that can be taken lightly. It is not a hobby that you can pick up and put down when you feel like doing it. It is a full time COMMITMENT. I say commitment because it is not just a job. You have to be 100% invested in the results of your website.

There is simply no way you can successfully run a business and do everything that it will take to rank your website properly at the same time. You have to concentrate on actually running your business. You don’t have enough time for both. Why do you think most marketing agencies don’t even do their own ranking? That’s right. Most marketing agencies actually outsource their ranking to people far more capable than them. They simply don’t have time or the ability to do it themselves. At least not the right way. And proper SEO (the kind that actually gets results) is way above the pay grade that they’re paying the employees that manage their clients.

So trust me when I say, you have more than enough on your plate. You really don’t have enough time to compete with the SEO professionals that your competition has already hired.

  1. Your Site Has Been Penalized By Bad SEO Decisions in the Past

This one is pretty serious. And it’s one that most people overlook simply because they don’t really know that the site they’re working on could be penalized. Have you ever been stuck on page 3 and can’t break the barrier? No matter what your SEO does, you just can’t seem to get over the hump? Or maybe you were ranking great and had a sudden drop like you took a step off a cliff into oblivion?

SEO - Get What You Pay For

The fact is that Google changes their algorithm constantly. What was considered good SEO a few years, or even months ago will get your website penalized without you even knowing it. The “in” thing a few years ago was to use software that would generate massive amounts of articles with backlinks to your site and spit them out to random directories creating a wave of links pointing back to your site. The problem with this is that it’s not real. It’s spam. And quite frankly, it’s pretty crappy SEO. Google recognized this and put an end to crappy link building.

While that’s all well and good, the problem is that there are still a lot of so-called SEOs who still think they can skate by by using these ancient methods of ranking because they are too lazy to do anything more than push a button on some software and lean back and collect a modest fee. Either that or they just don’t know any better.

Did you ever wonder why some people claim to be able to rank your site for peanuts compared to other SEO quotes? (More on that later).

Look, if your SEO does not know how to check whether your site might be penalized, you need to re-evaluate who you have trusted with your website. You need to make sure the work that they are doing is quality. Nowadays it’s not about the quantity. You need quality SEO being done and that simply can’t be done with automated software and spammy backlinks. If your site is penalized, you need help. NOW!

  1. You Have Not Optimized Your Site For SEO

This is something that not too many people think of, but it is incredibly important to rank in the search engines. If you (or whoever works on your site) has not taken the time to optimize your site to rank for the keywords you are going after, then you are never going to rank for those keywords. It really is that simple. Google is not (all that) dumb. They are not going to rank a website for keywords when there is nothing on the site indicating that the site is about those keywords. So you can’t really expect to rank for something if your site does not have the proper content in place.

Google ranks websites by having their “bots” go around and crawl the internet. So you can’t expect these bots to put 2 and 2 together by themselves. You have to virtually take them by the hand and tell them what your site is about. There are things that the Google bots look for when crawling a site that tell them what the site is about. These factors are what will rank your site. Not having them in place is inexcusable if you are really trying to rank for certain keywords.

  1. The SEO You Hired is Doing the Minimal Amount of Work

This one is a little harsh, but it’s extremely crucial to know and understand.  Just because someone says that they do SEO does not make them an SEO expert and does not make them capable of ranking your website. Like I said before, the reality is that a ton of marketing agencies actually outsource their SEO to people that are more capable of ranking than they are. I guess what you need to ask yourself is: who do you want working on ranking your website, a good salesman or an actual SEO expert?

SEO - Cutting Corners

I speak from experience when it comes to this one. I have personally worked for two marketing agencies as an SEO Specialist and a Director of Marketing. I know what goes on in these agencies. I know what type of work is done to client sites. And I know that there is a revolving door of clients that come and go every few months simply because the people at the agencies do the bare minimum to make it seem like they are doing work when in all actuality, they don’t know what to do to rank your site. And even if the owner of these agencies does know what is needed, they don’t want to waste the time and money actually doing it. I was literally told not to do certain things that would help a client’s website because the client only paid for 8 “SEO hours” per month and we had already done 6 and the reporting will count for 2. If you are paying for “SEO hours” you are getting short-changed. There should never be a limit on the amount of work done to a site in a given month.

I have seen firsthand how clients are handled at these places and it really is remarkable that these agencies are still in business. And it’s probably why I get so much of my personal work from agencies outsourcing their SEO to me, so I’m not complaining! If you are not seeing results after months and months, you may want to reconsider how invested your SEO is in the outcome of their work. Do you just count as a monthly invoice or can they take pride in their work on your site?

  1. You Are Not Paying What It Will Actually Cost To Get SEO Results

This is by far and away the biggest factor when it comes to not seeing results with your SEO. And there are several reasons for it. We already touched on the fact that there are still people out there that are offering SEO services for nominal fees because they are doing the SEO by using methods that are stale and outdated like using automated link building software. We also talked about agencies charging for SEO hours and doing the minimum work just to keep you around. But the biggest reason that people don’t get the kind of results they are looking for is the simple fact that they shop around and find someone willing to charge significantly less while promising to deliver amazing results. But the fact is, these folks don’t know how much ranking a website actually costs. There’s no way to make a profit by charging small fees if they are actually doing what it will take to rank your site. You can’t have it both ways.

SEO - Cheap Pricing

SEO is an investment in your business. It is not an expense. A lot of other advertising and marketing is an expense. With SEO, you get your rankings and you are benefiting from them for years to come. Again, I don’t need to sell you on SEO. But I do need to sell you on the fact that you cannot cut corners and skimp out on the cost of ranking your site. Unless you are looking for someone to do the bare minimum or use methods that will do nothing but get your site penalized, you need to invest money.

There is a formula that I use when it comes to figuring out how much SEO services will cost. I look at the amount of searches per month that we will target. I then multiply that by 25% because I know I will get my client at least 25% of the clicks for that search on the first page (I rank more than one property when I take on a client by the way). I then take that number and multiply it by 5% for the conversion rate of the website. Meaning that at least 5% of the people that visit the site turn into customers or leads or whatever the goal of the site. (This is the minimum number…it really should be higher than this.) I then multiply that number by the average customer value. This gives me the amount of money that this potential client is missing out on by not ranking per month. I then take that number and cut it down to a monthly payment.

So you see, it’s very simple math when it comes to how much SEO costs. Having blanket pricing or charging for SEO hours makes less than no sense. A site that has no competition going for geo-targeted keywords in a small town would not cost as much as a website offering services worldwide. And SEO hours are one of my biggest pet peeves in the industry. I don’t ever feel like I should limit the amount of work I do on a site. I believe I should do everything I can to get results for my client as fast as I can.

So if you are trying to cut corners and pay the minimum amount for your SEO work, you are going to get someone who cuts corners and does the minimum amount of work on your SEO. When it comes to ranking websites you really do get what you pay for. And if you think your competition is ranking number 1 in the search engines because they paid the minimum amount, again…they thank you!

How I Choose To Do SEO…

At the end of the day, you want someone who is going to treat your site like it’s their own. You want them to take great pride in the results they are able to generate for you. You don’t want someone who can promise you the world without being able to deliver on anything. Or someone who will do the bare minimum to keep you around for month after month after month.

I, personally, don’t want to keep a client for life. In fact, I rarely go to a full year with a client. I want to get in, get them results, and let them go about their business and enjoy the rankings I was able to generate for them. Why should I keep them after I’ve given them results?

I want to be able to get my client results as fast as possible so they can be my biggest form of advertisement. I want to be “their guy.” My main goal is to be my clients’ “guy” when it comes to SEO. You want to create a name for yourself and a reputation for being able to perform great work. When you are able to do that, your clients will be telling everyone: “you’ve got to talk to my SEO guy.”

If you are sick of not getting results with your SEO and are ready to start ranking today, I want to be your “SEO Guy”.

I invite you to take a look at real testimonials from actual business owners on my Linkedin profile (some of them are copied onto my testimonials page).

If you fill out the Discovery Form on this site it will allow me to know a little more about your business and what you do. What it basically is is an application that allows me to see  whether we might be a good fit to work together. After you fill it out, I will get back to you within 24-48 business hours and we can go from there. Either way, whether we work together or not, I will shoe you things about your site that are hindering you from achieving the rankings you are looking for right now.

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