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CRAIG TUTTLE MARKETING SEO Services is NOT For all businesses. Unfortunately, we can’t help everyone that comes to us.

Why We Don’t Work With Just Anyone:

Our SEO services at Craig Tuttle Marketing are highly sought after, and for good reason.

We generate tangible results for every client we come into contact with.

While it would be great for us to have the ability to help everyone that comes to us, the fact is that it’s just not possible.

There is no secret who the real experts in the SEO game are these days, and once the word gets out, a lot of people get referred to us.

The great thing about that is that we can be selective with who we work with. We are not in a position to have to take on everyone that comes to us.

The process in which we select our clients that we will work with is very important to us and we have implemented a fairly reasonable set of criteria that must to be met in order for us to consider working together.

As we said before, we only work with a very select group of businesses at any given time so that we can ensure absolute maximum focus and attention to the campaign which enables us to achieve success with every client we work with.

Our Criteria:

  1. We only work with business who are healthy and active. Our premiere SEO services benefit the businesses that are aleady established enough, but they simply need that expertise behind them to move to the top even faster. It is our policy not to work with any kind of:
  • Pyramid Schemes or Get Rich Quick Hoaxes
  • Adult or X-Rated Material
  • Start-ups with No Budget

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  1. Ideally, you will already have a healthy flow of customers and leads coming to your business. In other words, you are getting fairly consistent traffic to your site and it is generating conversions already. You may be running ads or promoting the business offline. We’re not requiring for you to already be established as a “household name” …But we do want you to at least have your business established enough to where we know that once we get you the right traffic, it is going to be worthwhile for your business.
  2. You absolutely must have a decent, reputable product and a solid reputation. The last thing we want to do is promote someone that is not on the up and up. Look, at the end of the day, we want to work with good people. And we want to help good people better their business. I don’t think that asking for you to be an honest person is too much. We are essentially putting our faith in you that you will be able to take care of the customers that we bring to you. We consider our power to be able to bring you those customers as being a responsibility. And one we take very seriously.

That’s basically it! Those are pretty much all of our requirements.

If you feel that you qualify to the standards that we have to bring you in and you would like to move this along and speak with us regarding bringing the flood of customers to your website, then we would love to speak with you.

Before we speak, it is mandatory for you to take a few minutes and fill out the following Discovery Form:

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