Search Engine Domination for GratefulTea

Target: To perform an ongoing search engine domination campaign consisting of increasing organic traffic to GratefulTea as well as other web properties with the ultimate goal to convert to sales or leads.

The Search Engine Domination Tasks Will Include:

Technical Website Analysis

  • In today’s day and age Google is going to send traffic to websites that they deem “high quality”. This means a few things…
    • Sites that are coded and structured according to their webmaster guidelines
    • Sites that are “popular”, i.e. getting mentioned across the web through links, social mentions, shares, PR, etc.
    • Sites that satisfy “searcher intent” through relevant and quality content 
    • And much, much more…
  • What the TWA does:
    • Gets a full crawl of every page on your website
    • Crosswalks each page on your website with vital SEO data
      • links data, keyword rankings, traffic, conversions/revenue, word count, page title, SERP impressions, SERP CTR and more. 
    • Analyzes the performance of each page on your website (in regard to “quality”)
      • Using this data we can understand the value of each page to your website.
    • Most importantly, it helps us make a decision about what to do with every page on a site. 
      • These actions can help to clean up (“prune”) low value pages
      • Add SEO directives (NOINDEX, canonical, etc.)
      • Perform more SEO actions (KW research, on page, acquire links, etc.)

Content Audit 

  • Piggybacks off of the TWA
    • The pages that we deemed necessary to audit, we move to this step. 
  • Every decision is based off of actual data
    • When was content published?
    • Is it losing or gaining traffic?
    • Is it ranking for the keywords that we want to target?
      • If not, why?
    • Is the CTR too low?
    • What does the on page tell us?
  • Creates actionable results and informs next steps in process
    • Removing / Redirecting content, Rewriting current content, Creating new Content

Keyword Gap Analysis

  • While Content Audit found the best keywords for “existing” pages, the KW Gap will turn our attention to discovering NEW keywords that are not currently being utilized. 
  • We do this by scraping competitor keywords and performing a “gap” analysis
    • Using a handful of competitors data, we can find a LOT of keywords that are not currently on your site
    • Once we have these, we can build out the proper page types to capture these keywords through content marketing.

Content Strategy

  • Develop audience personas
    • It’s critically important to know who we’re speaking to, how to speak to them, and the medium / content type to reach them. 
  • Migrate low hanging fruit from content audit
    • We’ll start by migrating content tagged as “rewrite”, “refresh”, and merge” into our content tracking file.
  • Create “topics” for content creation, using a number of tactics
    • Rewrite, refresh, and merge pages
    • “Niche up” from bottom of funnel keywords
    • Using keyword gap analysis
  • Build out context for article
    • Using similar tactics as before, we want to flush out the topics with supporting keywords. We also want to identify pillar / cluster, cite references and content tactic / type
  • Determine competition to rank + traffic potential, prioritze
    • Some topics we have to create, no matter how competitive the space, but others we want to prioritize for creation based on ease-to-visibility
  • Build content strategy deck, send topics to client for approval
    • The deck summarizes the end to end content strategy, from audience to topics. We need the client’s approval to move to content creation
  • Build outlines for articles, promotional recommendations
    • Depending on the Tier you choose, we either write the content for you or give the outlines to you to have your writers create the content. 
      • Aggressive: 4-7 pieces fo content/mo
      • Medium: 3 pieces of content/mo
      • Standard: Outlines for content provided

Off Page Strategy

  • Links are still the single biggest “mover” when it comes to SEO. But having the right links is key. 
  • We do our linking by manual outreach. We don’t buy links from vendors who pass links around on a list to every SEO in town. 
    • We focus on sites that are relevant to the niche and have terrific metrics. Every site we choose to work with has to pass.
      • Every link will have great Trust, Authority, Traffic, and Relevance. 
    • We negotiate link placements with website owners individually 
      • The tier you choose will determine the number of links we acquire.
        • Aggressive: 7-10 links/mo
        • Medium: 4-6 links/mo
        • Standard: 3 links/mo

Obviously the more links, the quicker we can make a splash and get “noticed”. 

(NOTE: The link building process begins immediately, however, due to the time involved in the response and content creation for the links, the placement doesn’t happen until month 2 of the agreement)

Target Market:

Potential customers who are looking for products and services offered by GratefulTea online, specifically via Google Search.


The investment options to implement all of the above services are as follows:

Monthly SEO Price Options: 

Aggressive Option: $4499 every month for SEO 

Medium Option: $2999 every month for SEO

Standard Option: $1999 every month for SEO

Pay in Advance Options: 

6 months: Only Pay for 5

12 months: Only Pay for 9

Discounts for Multiple Sites (6 month Pay in Advance):

2 sites: 

Aggressive = $32,000

Buy Now

Standard = $17,000

Buy Now

3 sites: 

Aggressive = $45,000

Buy Now

Standard = $25,000

Buy Now

*** We will deduct your most recent payment from any option and your 6 months will start on August 16 …. so essentially you will get this last month FREE***

The Difference Between The Packages:

The difference in the packages is in the amount of work being done on your site as well as the assets I will be able to obtain on your behalf. 

For example, there is a difference in content creation and links being built to the site with each package. 


Aggressive: 7-10 links/mo

Medium: 4-6 links/mo

Standard: 3 links/mo

** Option to order extra links are provided upon request **


Aggressive: 4-7 pieces of content/mo

Medium: 3 pieces of content/mo

Standard: Outlines for content provided

So basically you will get everything that you will need to increase your site’s visibility in Google and increase impressions and queries. It’s just a matter of pacing and how fast you would like to get there. Honestly, the bigger the package, the more assets I can acquire on your behalf. That really is the biggest difference in the packages. 

Obviously, the Aggressive option is going to get the work as a whole done a lot faster. So, in other words, if everyone is running the same race, and everyone is building links fairly quickly, which I do know that you’re in a very competitive market where the competition is building links at a substantial rate, we need to be building a little bit faster to catch and ultimately surpass them. 

Discount Offers: 

*** We offer referral discounts to all clients. If a client refers someone to us who signs on as a full client, We will take $500 off of their monthly bill for the remainder of the campaign. Clients can provide as many referrals to us as they want in order to take advantage of the discount offer. 1 client referred = $500 off per month, 2 clients referred = $1000 off per month, etc. Should you choose to take advantage of the referral program but you paid in full we will add services or keyword targets or other services to increase your traffic even more.

Why Choose Us?

OUR EXPERTISE: We are very confident that we can obtain goals that other SEOs cannot achieve due to our expert-level knowledge of SEO and our association with the best SEOs in the world. Collectively we have over a combined 200,000 #1 real rankings in Google. We know how to get you to the top of the search engines. We are ranked #1 in the search engines in our area (Rochester, NY) over all other companies and agencies that say they can rank your website #1 in the search engines. We are the BEST at what we do.

OUR EXCLUSIVITY AGREEMENT: Once the proposal is approved, and payment is received, we will commit to helping GratefulTea  become the absolute market leader in the industry.

***Look, when I take on a client I consider their website to be my own and treat it as such. I will do everything in my power to ensure that your site goes to the top of the search engines. I take the success of my clients extremely personally. Your success is my success. 

PAY AS YOU GO: We believe in pay as you go (unless you wish to save money with upfront payment). We like to earn your business every single month. We typically use Stripe for payments and you can cancel at any time. If you decide to use the Upwork platform for payments, we ask that you cover the percentage that they take from our end. We also want to make sure you are aware that there will be a week-long delay in initiating your campaign through Upwork while we wait for the funds to be available. 

We ask for a two-week notice in advance of any cancellation. Should the client choose to cancel prior to the completion of the campaign, we can not guarantee the achieved results of the campaign will remain. The client’s money pays for the tools and properties it takes to rank their site so if the client chooses to stop paying, the tools and properties will cease. Anything that has been built will remain in place. 

Understanding of Marketing Services:

We feel that before we get into any contracts that it is a good idea to have our verbal agreement laid out in written form to ensure that both parties remember accurately what each agreed to do during our interview process.

Essentially, the client agrees to:

  • Give full access to materials requested during the onboarding process to ensure the rapid deployment of your campaign. This includes, but Is not limited to:
  • The login information for your Google accounts to include Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Adwords (if applicable).
  • The login information for all appropriate online properties, i.e., the main website, feeder sites, social accounts, etc.
  • Provide monthly payment promptly for invoices submitted. The Client will be invoiced via Stripe upon mutual agreement to terms and will be invoiced every month until the end of the agreed upon term. The payment is due monthly. The client’s campaign is paid for and run based on the scheduled payment being processed in a timely manner.
  • The client agrees NOT to make ANY changes to their website without PRIOR approval from the vendor; even small changes can have a significant negative effect on your campaign.
  • Be available (or have someone that is) to answer any questions pertaining to the campaign within 24 hours. Availability via email is easiest but can include text, phone, or other messaging that will work. 

Vendor Agrees To:

  • Maintain all client information in a confidential manner in accordance with State and Federal Laws.
  • Provide monthly reports as agreed to; these will be issued in accordance with monthly invoicing.
  • Perform the specific services that were agreed to verbally, specifically:
  • Perform ongoing tasks in order to help raise the client’s visibility in Google’s search engine.

The vendor will thoroughly research for maximum exposure to bring more converting traffic to the website for the business.  

Goal #1: Our goal for GratefulTea is to continue to build on the momentum we created with teh first engagement. We can start to be a little more aggressive now that the site has a little age and some SEO done already.

Goal #2: To have a substantial increase in organic traffic and impressions (how many times your listing shows up in the search engines). We also want to increase the number of queries (keywords) that people are using to find GratefulTea online. 

Goal #3: To increase the number of organic visitors, queries, and impressions in 6 months time. 

You also acknowledge that any payment of services is an acknowledgment of an agreement for services to be received in the agreed upon timeframe. You also acknowledge the services you are receiving are not tangible physical products but are intangible services of consulting on your business website to rank higher organically in Google’s search engine. 

Reply to this proposal and let me know that you are ready to get started and we will send a payment link and agreement to initiate your campaign immediately. 

We look forward to working with you!