Lawyer SEO 6 Month Case Study

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The Law Office of Paul Mankin

Paul Mankin is a lawyer based in San Diego, CA. He approached us in March of 2020, just before the pandemic went into full swing. He had a desire to focus on two areas of his practice, debt collection harassment, and auto dealer fraud.  So we lasered in on those two services to increase the number of people not only finding him but coming to his website for those specific services. 


  • Paul Mankin is a lawyer in San Diego, CA devoted to protecting consumers’ legal rights. 
  • Paul had a desire to increase his reach in the auto dealer fraud space, as well as the debt collector harassment space.
  • He had a lot of information that would be extremely beneficial to consumers, but it was not getting noticed prior to our engagement.
  • Their goal for the campaign was simple – increase the number of people that saw his website when looking up anything on the search engines related to auto dealer fraud or debt collection harassment.


  • We dug deep into the data and noticed a lot of structural mistakes were made on the pages, specifically for these service areas. On top of that, we saw that there were many pages on the site that were not helping and were wasting a lot of the crawl budget.  A complete technical audit of the website was needed to decipher where the biggest impact changes would come from. 
  • The backlinks that were pointing to the website were not set up correctly. The bulk of the links were pointing to the homepage, making the site extremely top-heavy, which is not a good thing. We also noticed that the anchor texts for these links were not really targeted to signal the intent of the pages. 
  • At the time of the initial engagement, was getting roughly 1,500 organic visitors per month, and most of them to the homepage. There was no authority on these service pages, putting them at a disadvantage when going after most of the competition in the area. 
  • The areas of “auto dealer fraud” and “debt collection harassment” have a plethora of keywords that people use to find them. The website was not only underperforming for these main keywords but many of the bottom-funnel keywords were not even being noticed, which was a problem. 


  • Based on the intensive website audits that we performed, we were able to make critical on-page changes that helped the campaign immensely by having the website structurally sound and set up in a way that made sense to the user, but also for the bots when they crawled the site as well. We also took care of the “wasted” pages that were eating away at the crawl budget. 
  • We set up an aggressive linking strategy to focus on increasing the authority of the targeted service areas. We focused on power and relevance instead of volume, knowing that it would create the biggest impact. We also were very meticulous with our anchor texts pointing to these sites to get the biggest impact from these links. 
  • Structuring the website in a better way for the bots was a crucial part of spreading the authority that was brought by the linking campaigns. It allowed for more of the keywords to get noticed and increase the authority across the board. 
  • Actual link outreach – We found, contacted, and negotiated placements on relevant websites.



  • 324% increase in organic traffic in 6 monthslawyer SEO 6 month results


  • The most visited pages are all in the auto dealer fraud and debt collector harassment pages.