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We pride ourselves in being known as the best New York SEO. At Craig Tuttle Marketing New York, we believe providing unmatched results for our clients. The absolute best way to be known as the “best” for whatever it is that you provide your customers is to be listed #1 when people actually search for what it is that you offer. Having your website at the top of Google when people search for your products or services is priceless. We are the top NYC SEO experts and we are the best at moving your business website to the top of the search engines. This will generate a flood of organic traffic to your site, which ultimately equals more leads and sales for the business. We are so confident that we actually guarantee our services. Contact us today for more info!

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If you could take just a few short minutes to fill out the Discovery Form, we will take our time to thoroughly research your website and assess the situation from an SEO expert’s eye. We will then create a completely unique and custom video analysis where we will actually SHOW you exactly what your site needs based on your goals. We will show you what your competition is doing with their SEO to best you right now. And we will show you what it’s going to take to beat them and move your website to the top.

This will be, by far, the most complete analysis you have ever seen done on your website. We are not going to give you one of those “give me your information and I will have a generic software create a meaningless SEO report that you won’t use” type of things. We will actually record over our shoulder as we show you certain things about your website SEO that you didn’t even know mattered or existed.

Most folks are totally blown away by the pure value we give away with these SEO analyses. But we truly feel that it’s imperative that we provide you with this much value up front so you can be confident that we are completely legit and not just some typical SEO jokers who claim they know what it takes to rank a website. After you watch the video we can mutually decide whether we would be a good fit to work together moving forward.

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Maximum Exposure

Having your website show up at the top of Google searches gives you a distinct advantage over your competition by increasing the visibility of your brand. Your business deserves to have the exposure that comes with dominating the rankings in search engines. Our New York SEO services make any competition obsolete and brand you as the #1 authority in your space. We have done it over and over again and we can do for you also.

Explode Your Customer Base

Right now, as you read this, there are people actively looking online for exactly what your business provides. Whether your business is focused primarily in New York City, or you sell your products or services nationwide. Our expert NYC SEO service will drive more of these targeted customers to your website, products, and services than any other marketing strategies. And we are the best at what we do.

Increase in Revenue

Potential customers are consistantly searching for the exact  products and services that you provide. You get to sit back and watch as your business takes off to new heights from a brand new stream of inquiries and customers who found you online before they found your competition. Getting your brand noticed first will go a long way to make you the #1 authority in your niche.

What Separates Us…


We will give you an amazing Return On Investment (ROI) with our proven SEO services. We help make your investment work for you for years to come. Our top-rated New York SEO services are very forward thinking and cutting edge. Our SEO is actually affordable enough so you can actually get an ROI even if we only added a couple of sales per month and powerful enough to ensure that the results stand the test of time. That being said, we don’t have cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all pricing. There is nosuch thing when it comes to SEO. Every website is unique. Each starting from a different position. So we can’t really give you a price until we assess your situation. We’re essentially like a doctor for your web presence. We must be able to go in and diagnose the problem areas, your competitors, your specific niche, and really everything about your website before we making any kind of assessment. We feel that handing out prices without doing the proper research is absolutely blasphemous and irresponsible.


You’ll have complete access to us . We don’t go run and hide and you never hear from us again. You will have our cell phone numbers and email addresses with a completely open door policy. We’re here to work alongside you so whether you have a specific question, a problem to that needs a resolution or you’re in need of an immediate update on your campaign, we are always happy to hear from you. We are certainly not the same old SEO agency that you may have spoken to in the past that will gve you a song and a dance to get you to choose them. We will always be honest about your website, even if it means there’s zero chance of us doing business together. We believe in total transparency and honesty. We are also going to bring you in and let you see what is happening with the campaign. You will get access to a personal Google Folder which is how our team tracks all of our campaigns. You will get to see all of the tasks and deliverables, the dates that they are due, and you can check up on them as we are working in real time.


We will help you grow your online presence and will keep you updated every step of the way. We are completely transparent with our work and we show that in our unique approach to the way we report on progess of the campaign. We create what we call  “live reports”, meaning we will set up a unique report for you, based on your actual data. This report doesn’t just show whether you moved up in ranking for a few keywords. You will see real-time data for your website. So instead of confinging ourselves to a finite number of keywords and ony focusing our efforts on those keywords, you will get to see what people are actually using to find your website. This will provide us with a ton more information and value. So youre not only getting an actual campaign agenda for you to follow along and see the work as it’s being done, but you will also get a “live report” that will update in real time so you can monitor progress. This complete transparency is somethingthat makes us stand out that most agencies would never fathom providing.


Not to brag, but we really are Thee New York SEO experts (humbly stated of course). We belong to very large mastermind groups that include some of the world’s absolute best SEOs…without question. We are glad that we get to bring that level of focus, knowledge, and expertise to NYC with our SEO services. We are constantly discussing SEO strategy, what’s working now and what to avoid with each passing update. This allows us to stay at the very top of the SEO industry and the best part is that you get to benefit from all of that knowledge firsthand. SEO is one of those things that is constantly changing and evolving. You really can’t afford to have a lazy SEO work on your site that doesn’t bother keeping up on current trends and the latest algorithm updates. We ensure that we stay the best New York SEO because we are constantly testing, learning, and evolving our SEO game. We consider the title of being an Elite Level SEO extremely seriously. And we are completely proud of the value we are able to deliver to every client we work with.


New York City SEO Experts

We are absolute experts at increasing organic traffic to websites. It doesn’t matter what anyone else will try to tell you, there is ZERO guessing game when it comes to SEO. There is a proven formula and we have nailed it down to a science. We simply never fail to deliver results.
No matter what your goals are for your online presence, we have proven strategies to execute on them. Our team researches diligently, plans accordingly, and executes accurately on effective online marketing campaigns, combining resources to earn you unprecedented results.

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SEO Services

With more years of experience than we’d like to admit and hundreds of sites on the first page of Google, you won’t find a better SEO agency in NYC.

Google Domination

We would be more than happy to get one of your website to the top of Google, but our most profound service is our “Google Domination Service”. This is where we work to put multiple properties on the first page, transforming you into the undeniable authority in your niche!

Social Media

We understand how to capitalize on social media to further brand you as the expert in your niche. This will give you a much more meaningful and deeper connection with your customers whether you are locally targeting clients in the New York City area, or you do business that caters to clients worldwide.

Website Design

We understand how to create the perfect site to suit your specific business. Not only do we concentrate on a website that will convert, meaning it will bring you more leads, customers, and sales, but we also know how to make it aesthetically pleasing and sets you apart from your competitors

Worry Free Contracts

We are different than all of the other New York SEO agencies because we don’t believr into locking you into a long-term deal where we can coast and get by without improving your web presence. Unlike a lot of other SEOs out there, we are not going to just do the bare minimum and falsify reports just to make us look good with the sole purpose of keeping you longer as a client. That’s just not how we roll. We typically like to prove ourselves each month and earn your business with our work and results.

Expert NYC SEO

Almost every SEO will claim to be able to get you to the first page…but that’s simply not good enough to satisfy us. We expect your business to completely blanket all of the first page and totally annihilate the competition in New York for your specific niche.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

If you need a website design or ta redesign of your current site, we are masters at creating mobile friendly websites that convert. We are the best at creating an exclusive design just for you that will completely set you apart from any other website online!

Internet Marketing

We all know that Internet Marketing is probably the most effective way to advertising and get new clients nowadays. That’s why it’s become such a vital piece of marketing for big brands. We help you leverage the power of web advertising, social media, and email marketing to bring in more potential customers to your brand online.





Although we are known as the top New York City SEO, we work with businesses all over the country. Check out some of our testimonials from some of our clients.

Craig took our brand new site with no traffic at all to ranking in less than a week for a term that I thought was going to take months. I still can't believe it. I can't recommend Craig enough! Great SEO!

I don't know how, but Craig was able to take our page that was generating no traffic to ranking in one week.

It took two days for us to get an ROI on Craig's services.

We went from 50-75 visits to our website to consistently between 300-600 visits per day after Craig's services. I will be using him for anything related to SEO in the future.

We had been getting no traffic forever using other SEO services. As soon as we used Craig's services and let him make some changes to our site, we got more traffic than we could handle!

I thought Craig was joking when he told me he could get fast results. I never in a million years thought it was possible to get such a huge jump in traffic in a week from SEO.

Rochester SEOMy name is Craig Tuttle and I actually am an SEO expert. I’m not just another guy that pretends to know how to rank a website. I really do know what it takes to rank a website in the search engines and can get you actual organic traffic that really converts.

The fact is that ranking websites in the SERPs  is no longer a guessing game. The real expert SEOs are able to look at a site and know exactly what it will take to rank in any situation. This goes so far beyond the normal spammy tactics and shady services that most other SEOs will give you. Push button software or automated tools simply don’t cut it anymore. They will just hurt you in the long run and leave your site in penalty.

Plain and simple…trusting just ANYONE that says they are an SEO with working on your website is actually dangerous! If you’re looking to pinch pennies and price shop for your New York SEO needs, you should expect to get cheap results. SEO is one of those things where you actually get what you pay for. Cutting corners to save a buck will get you nothing but future nightmares with your site. And that’s the harsh reality.

With that said, we only want to work with real people who understand that ranking a website in the SERPs is a science and it is something that can be realistically achieved.

With all of the algorithm changes and massive penalties being dished out on a regularly…it’s imperative to have someone with the knowledge, the experience, and the confidence to work on your SEO the right way.

Whenever I bring on a new client I consider their site to be one of my own and I treat it that way. Every site I work on is completely unique and I have to treat it with the utmost care and respect. I am extremely confident in my ability to rank any site no matter what the niche may be. I’m an overly competitive person and I truly consider SEO to be a big competition. And I absolutely have to be the best. I need your website to be considered the best (proven by rankings) when we work together. So that’s exactly what I will strive to do. We are a team while we work together and my team always wins when it comes to SEO.
So if you’re looking for the very best New York SEO expert services, look no further than Craig Tuttle Marketing.

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