If you or your business has a website right now, the fact is that you absolutely must have high-quality SEO services done if you want to legitimately compete with other businesses in your niche. There are no two ways about it, in today’s fast-paced, technology-based world, consumers are looking online for products and services before making a buying decision, and if your website is not one of the first options they see when searching, they simply are not finding you. I think we can agree that having a great website is extremely important and something that should be carefully planned and executed. But the fact remains that you can have the absolute best looking and even best-converting websites in your niche, but if you are not getting the targeted visitors who are actually looking for your products and services to come to your site, then your business is not living up to its potential and quite frankly will not last in this day and age.

So I think it’s fair to say that we’ve established a bonafide need for having SEO done to your website. Even if you’ve had the best web design services when you built your site, chances are, you atill need expert level SEO. Now the question is, where do you go to ensure you are going to be getting the best results? The first thing that most business owners do when looking for SEO services is to shop around for the best price. This is probably the absolute worst thing you could ever do when it comes to search engine optimization. Not only will you most likely be throwing money away and not get any results, but people pretending to know about SEO and charging companies nominal fees actually get websites into trouble and even completely kicked off of the search engines. This is not something you can afford if you are trying to catch up and surpass your competitors.

SEO is one of those things where you actually get what you pay for. If you want to cut corners and nickel and dime your way through this, you are not going to get the results your competition is getting because I can guarantee that if they are ranked high in the search engines they are paying for expert SEO services. Just think about it logically, anyone performing SEO services is not doing it for free. They are doing it for profit. Anyone that offers a service is trying to make money off of it. I think that’s something we can agree on.

And let me be the first to tell you that SEO does cost money to the supplier of the service. Whether they are outsourcing some of the work or using man-hours (time is money too!) it costs money to perform SEO on a website. That’s not even counting the hard costs of getting the job done. Now most SEOs worth their salt don’t use spammy automated tools, but every successful search engine optimization professional that I know spends a lot of money on tools that help with their job, whether it be rank tracking software, backlink checking software, and other memberships that cost money to be a part of that is essential to perform their job. And most top-level SEOs spend a great deal of money to ensure their services are the best that can be found.

So we have established that everyone who is supplying SEO as a service is doing it for some kind of profit. We have also established that the actual task of SEO costs the provider a great deal of money as well. So when you sit back and look at it, do you really think it is even remotely possible for you to get high-quality SEO service for $500 per month? Let me just be up-front with you right now and tell you that that doesn’t even come close to covering my hard costs per client per month. So while it may sound like a great and that you are getting an amazing deal, the reality of the situation is that you are hiring someone who will lose out to better SEOs every single time. Let alone someone who may be using things that will just get your website in trouble and kicked off the search engines altogether.

So while it is of utmost importance to have your website seen by your target audience that is looking for you online on a daily basis, hiring a cheap, cut-rate SEO to do your search engine optimization is not the way to go. If you want to keep up with, and hopefully surpass your competition, you need to go with an established, expert-level SEO who will get the job done right the first time. It will cost you much much more in the long run if you go the cheap route and have to hire someone to do a penalty recovery on your site.